Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raw Progress

Still feeling RAWSOME!!

Here's one of my recent creations... cauliflower/bok choy/alfalfa dressed in lemon and olive oil, warm dehydrated veggie patties, fresh warm tomato salsa - red onion/garlic/sun dried toms/fresh toms, avocado. Delish!

So far about 7 weeks of raw - I've been high raw, not 100%. Released 4.5kgs, and a dress size. Eat lots of gorgeous food, mountains of it! I'm loving it!

ESP my frozen banana 'icecream'. I should buy shares in a plantation... or plant some down the back soon.... hmmmm.... : )

1 comment:

adrianne said...

i'll invest in the banana plantation with you - but i'm sure i'll have eaten all the profits in no time!