Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm a Mum!

Image courtesy Strong Moms

I forgot I even had a blog!!

I was looking through links and checking them and found it again. The reason I have been so preoccupied... I'm 18 weeks pregnant!

The pic above shows how developed my baby is right now. Fully formed, just plenty of growing to do.

I've stayed high raw for the whole time and I've not suffered ANY of the usual pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, excessive tiredness, nausea, stretch marks (yet!), insomnia etc etc... I know it's got everything to do with my nutrition.

Breakfast is usually a fruit smoothie, raw muesli, fresh fruit or an egg with rye toast, lunch is big salad with a whole avo and dinner would be a salad too, lightly steamed veg or legumes. Snacks: nuts, seeds, fruit, dried fruit, water, herbal teas, juices and occasionally the odd piece of carrot cake!

We've decided to go all natural with no ultrasounds, and a drug free home birth. Baby is kicking already every day which reassures me everything is OK. I'm learning how to tune in to my body and trust my instincts, very primal!

Feeling great, loving my new tummy and happy heart.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Way

It seems like forever since I've posted here... I've been read read reading everything I can get my hands on about raw food!

So far I've come to the conclusion there is no 'right' way to do raw. Everyone says that their way is the ultimate raw diet... so which is the one??

Low sugar high greens raw
Transition raw - with lots of lookalike recipes
Low fat high fruit
Cooked greens high raw
High fat raw
Macrobiotic style raw

The only way to know for sure is to try out all of them and see what feels good for me! So far, my eating style has been pretty loose. Not a lot of dehydrated foods (except for the occasional flax cracker) and mostly LOTS of salads, fruit and smoothies. I don't keep a track of my fats and usually have an avocado and some nuts every day, as well as cold pressed oils in my salads. I don't worry too much about using vinegars and spices, I eat the occasional piece of dark chocolate and have a glass of red wine on the weekend. I'm not strictly vegan, and sometimes I'll have a little bit of goat's cheese or raw milk, but my diet is nearly vegan now. I'm not going to worry about a label and how true I am to it... I'm just trying hard to stay away from processed foods, breads, sugar, icecream and the like. My diet is 1000% better than it has ever been now! As I progress on this journey I may become stricter, but this is MY RAW style - not dictated by books or forums.

Before I take anything on board I look at the people advocating that particular eating style... are they healthy? Do they have lots of energy? Are they happy? If not, then I'll keep looking for answers of my own.

Meanwhile I got a tray of 20 mangoes for $5 today so I'm off to devour a couple now... YUM!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raw Progress

Still feeling RAWSOME!!

Here's one of my recent creations... cauliflower/bok choy/alfalfa dressed in lemon and olive oil, warm dehydrated veggie patties, fresh warm tomato salsa - red onion/garlic/sun dried toms/fresh toms, avocado. Delish!

So far about 7 weeks of raw - I've been high raw, not 100%. Released 4.5kgs, and a dress size. Eat lots of gorgeous food, mountains of it! I'm loving it!

ESP my frozen banana 'icecream'. I should buy shares in a plantation... or plant some down the back soon.... hmmmm.... : )